Barry the Buffalo

Well, hello there. We haven't officially met yet (because trust me, you would remember me if we had), but I'm Barry. You know that handsome and strong buffalo protecting 21 Brix Winery and the surrounding vineyards. I've been standing guard for years and starting to feel unappreciated. So, let me tell you, it's about time I finally got some decent respect around here. They finally recognized my importance and have named their three, new favorite wines after me. Yeah, I know...Ella has four wines, but enough about her. Let's focus on me.

Have you tried any of my wines yet? Ask anyone and you'll hear that my wine is smoother, bolder and berry delicious. There's Barry's Red which has hints of blackberry, refreshing strawberry in Barry's Blush and let's not forget about my peachy Barry's Blanc (um.....yes, very masculine). I like to say that all three wines are semi-dry -- they match my sense of humor.

One sip and you'll be asking 'Ella who??' Trust me on this one. My wines are desirable, unforgettable and of course, #barrydelicious.